Pauley, Bruce F, Austria, in The World Reacts To The Holocaust, (David S. Wyman), Baltimore and London: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996, (hereinafter, “Pauley“), p. 493 Bloch-Bauer's niece, Maria Altmann of Cheviot Hills, was a dear 18-19. page 1342 note 115 Syndicate Agreement, p. 1. page 1342 note 116 The CRT notes that the Partial Decision and the settlement reached in 1957 included the Patzenhofer group, which, as the Restitution Commission noted in the Partial Decision, was not Jewish. Adele, die er 1899 geheiratet hatte, ein repräsentatives Palais mit der Adresse Elisabethstraße 18. The CRT notes that Theresia would have had to comply with the decisions of Nazi tax authorities even if she had already left the Reich or risk forfeiture of all her assets that remained within the Reich. page 1339 note 61 Perry Report, p. 4. P170 - Stoclet Frieze - … page 1336 note 15 Perry Report, Exhibit 25, “Extract from balance sheet of 31 July 1937.“. The CRT notes that Ferdinand Bloch-Bauer contested the legality of the tax proceedings and the finding holding him personally responsible for the firm's financial irregularities. page 1305 note 5 This is the same Maria Victoria Altmann who recently succeeded in the United States Supreme Court in establishing that the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act of 1976 is sufficiently ‘retro-active’ to allow and not bar suit against Austria to recover certain paintings, by Gustav Klimt, involving events of the 1930s and 1940s. Ich halte es für sehr zweifelhaft, und bin der Meinung, dass diese Frage genau geprüft werden muss. . Perry Report, Exhibit 22, “Memorandum dated 17 July 1947, re shares of Ferdinand Bloch-Bauer.” According to the Perry Report, the shares held by Gustav Bloch-Bauer were deposited in the Creditanstalt Bankverein in Vienna. Gustav Bloch-Bauer, who was an attorney, was named the executor of Adele's estate. According to Pauley, on the eve of the Anschluss, 185,000 Jews (not counting the 34,500 classified as Jews by the Nazis in the Nuremberg Laws of 1935) lived in Austria, among whom just under 170,000 lived in Vienna. Set udefra må det siges, at den østrigske stat har handlet ret storladent, selv om der er gjort meget for at forhale sagen om de to Adele-billeder og tre andre af Gustav Klimt. '… ‘Zu Punkt 1) bemerke ich, dass nach meinen Erfahrungen die Schweizer Banken gewöhnlich derartige Transaktionen für geflüchtete oder ausländische Juden vermitteln. page 1342 note 130 The CRT notes that the Agreement between Trevor David Mantle and George Bentley refers specifically to “property recovered pursuant to the legislation currently pending in the Austrian Parliament” regarding repatriation of works of art and real property. In the ensuing probate proceedings in Vienna, the Klimt paintings were declared to be Ferdinand's property, not Adele's. page 1335 note 1 In her Claim Form, the Claimant also identified other family members who held Swiss bank accounts. The CRT notes that, according to the information supplied by the Vienna Stock Exchange for this report, Ö ZAG shares were not actually quoted on the Exchange because only very few were available for trading, the bulk being held firmly. See supra, note 23. Gerald Feldman is Professor of History and Director of the Institute of European Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. page 1338 note 45 The Perry Report details the sale of these shares in a section devoted to the treatment of shares owned by Otto Pick. Bentley (“It was obvious that the Mercurbank cooperated closely with the Gestapo in 1938, to put adequate pressure upon its old and new customers“) and affidavit of Otto Pick (“In the middle of May 1938, Dr. H. Mann, at that time Syndicus of the Mercurbank, Vienna, turned up without being announced in Zuerich, where I lived at the time with my family and demanded from me a series of documents with my signature, whereby almost our entire properties and interest in Austria should have been handed over to the Mercurbank for trustworthy administration and/or liquidation after appointing Dr. Mann as plenipotentiary.“) Perry Report, Exhibits 13,14, and 15. Perry Report, Exhibit 16. page 1338 note 37 Perry Report, Exhibit 16. page 1338 note 38 Perry Report, Exhibit 16. page 1338 note 39 Perry Report, Exhibit 16. page 1338 note 40 The additional 10,567 shares included 6,500 shares held by Lloyd and Davies on Pick's behalf and, according to the Perry Report, were held at the Bank, not in Vienna. Ein Gemälde, das an Egon Schiele erinnert: Auch er hat eine Mutter mit ihrem Baby porträtiert, 1910 nämlich, und auch Schieles Baby ist in eine Decke gehüllt – aber diese Mutter ist tot. The CRT notes that this number varies slightly from the number of shares (71,246) attributed to Syndicate members by the Perry Report. See discussion of records in the Austrian State Archive, infra, pp. . Though it appears anomalous that, if the dispute had been settled in February 1939 as Unfried contends, the Länderbank would a year later seek to support Auer's contention that the shares he bought from the Bank in Zurich were “aryan,'’ it may be that it was provided in connection with the Vermögenverkehrstelle’ s offer to cancel the tax upon submission of proof of Aryan ownership. Es soll in der Neuen Galerie in der Fifth Avenue von Manhattan ausgestellt werden. The Low group was represented by Dr. Emerich Hunna. Klimt, Gustav (1862-1918) - 1912 Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer (Christie's New York, 2006) Oil on canvas; 190 × 120 cm. For an overview of looting generally, including measures taken toward blocked accounts and with comments from The shares held by Gustav Bloch-Bauer in Vienna are severally noted as numbering 2,335 and 2,135. However, Ferdinand did not execute any written document confirming this alleged intention. In the settlement, the heirs received S 618,000.00, which was approximately ten percent of the actual value of the property. It is not a Swiss tribunal. In the submisssion filed on behalf of the Pick, Graetz, Bloch-Bauer and Loew interests for recognition of their restitution claim to the company, the number of shares Gusatv Bloch-Bauer held, including the 440 shares at the Bank, is given as 2,600. Feldman, Gerald D., “Confiscation of Jewish Assets, and the Holocaust,” in the Symposium Proceedings, “Confiscation of Jewish Property in Europe, 1933-1945 New Sources and Perspectives,” Washington, D.C.: Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, 2003, p. 4 Her son, Peter Bentley, has submitted a copy of her will, in which his five children are named beneficiaries of Antoinette Bentley's residual estate. page 1340 note 84 In 1957, the heirs agreed to a settlement of their claim. Weitere Ideen zu klimt, museum, gustav klimt. 1-2. page 1340 note 82 Perry Report, p. 4. ("Die Presse", Print-Ausgabe, 10.03.2012), Zum „Das Wichtigste des Tages“ Newsletter anmelden. 492-493. Zweimal stand sie Modell für die Judith aus der Bibel. The CRT notes that the shares held by the Bloch- Bauer group (12,850), the Löw family (21,665), the Pick group (20,187), and the Graetz family (16,480) total 71,182. After Luise Guttmann's flight tax was reduced, the value of the seized shares exceeded the value of the tax, and Dr. Rinesch submitted a demand for the return of the shares. Sahne Service sicher 100 Stars wert !!! Hayes, Peter,”Summary and Conclusions,” in the Symposium Proceedings, “Confiscation of Jewish Property in Europe, 1933-1945 New Sources and Perspectives,” Washington, D.C.: Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, 2003, p. 147 It is not clear, from the facts as outlined in Dr. Rinesch's memorandum, how Theresia would have obtained the necessary documentation that would have allowed her to leave the Reich at this time, though it is possible that she left on a temporary travel visa and obtained official permission to emigrate only later. T. E. H. Davies, both of Liverpool, were deposited at the Bank. page 1337 note 26 page 1337 note 27 Both the Perry Report and the Syndicate Agreement, however, indicate that these shares were, in fact, held at the Bank, not at the Länderbank. Pauley, p. 495. page 1339 note 72 Pauley, pp. ; Perry Report, p. 10 and Exhibit Commercial Register.“. At most, only 12,000 to 15,000 Jewish émigrés ever returned to Austria. . 2d. * Views captured on Cambridge Core between . In diesem hingen, auch über Adeles Tod 1925 hinaus, unter anderem die Bilder von Gustav-Klimt, die nun, aufgrund einer schiedsgerichtlichen Entscheidung, an die Erben restituiert werden. Partial Decision, pp. For a general discussion of Austria's restitution and compensation programs through 2000, see In re Holocaust Victim Assets Litig., Plan of Allocation and Distribution of Settlement Proceeds, Vol. In a Chapter 11 bankruptcy declaration, a business owner declares bankruptcy, acknowledges certain debts, and proposes a plan to meet them in an attempt to retain control of the company. (Wieder ein Weib,dass einen Krieg ausloesen haette koennen,wie einst die "Schoene Helena "um Troja.) According to Unfried, the matter was settled in a conference between Auer and Nazi authorities in February 1939, and Auer paid the taxes on the disputed shares. page 1340 note 87 Unfried, p. 658, citing the audit of the newly reestablished ÖZAG conducted by Professor Dr. Bouffier dated 30 September 1957. The 1956 Ownership Statement groups the 6,500 shares held by Lloyd and Davies with the remaining Pick shares. He is also a member of the Academic Committee of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council. See note 5, supra. Nein, um Zahlen ging es diesmal nicht, bei der Pressekonferenz im Wiener Belvedere, zu der Ministerin Claudia Schmied und Belvedere-Chefin Agnes Husslein-Arco Freitag geladen hatten: Nach dem Wert der Gemälde befragt, die der Wiener Sammler Peter Parzer dem Museum überlassen hatte, murmelte Wolfgang Peschorn, Präsident der Finanzprokuratur, nur etwas von „sicher im zweistelligen Millionenbereich“. Austria 2012 50 Euro Gold Klimt Adele Bloch-Bauer 10g Gold PP Sammelkassette : 2012: 453: 2018-06-24: coin Austria 50€ Gold 2012 Klimt und seine Frauen: Adele Bloch-Bauer I ... 2012, Gustav Klimt, ca. Partial Decision, pp. page 1336 note 17 1, 3. He is also editor of Lessons and Legacies III: Memory, Memorialization, and Denial (1999). Peter Parzer, 1937 geboren, hatte keine Kinder, auch sonst keine nahen Angehörigen – und war dem Museum sehr zugetan. There is some discussion of possible reductions in the share value due to tax claims broght against the Bloch-Bauers, which seem to have been dismissed, and of an Austrian 1956 restitution proceeding to which relatively short shrift is given.
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