Escape From Tarkov Interactive Map. Key Tool Quest Tool. Jacket 53. Hi all, I found myself with some spare time and decided to try to guess the size of the next map: Military Base. 64 votes, 15 comments. Armor 3. Search. Show All Hide All. Shoreline Maps; Shoreline Keys/Info; Interchange . Reserve is a location in Escape from Tarkov. Factory Woods Customs Interchange Reserve[WIP] Shoreline The Lab? Cache 23. 1 Description 2 Key Location 2.1 Customs 2.2 Interchange 3 Lock Location 4 Behind the Lock Military base key In Jackets Pockets and bags of Scavs Front passenger seat of the UN Humvee closest to the bridge. Spawns on Killa East barracks on Reserve. It has a large rail network and is one of the highly competitive maps from Escape from Tarkov. Laboratory; Factory . This map is not … Woods Maps; Woods Keys/Info; Shoreline . (Highlighted in green) 3 … Key 25. Filing Cabinet 2. Factory Maps; Factory Keys/Info; Customs . Customs Maps; Customs Keys/Info; Woods . It’s a military base with a train station bang in the middle of it, and it’s also home to a load of loot. 1 Description 2 Features 3 Usable Keys 3.1 Table Legend 4 Boss 5 Extractions 6 Maps 7 Gallery The secret Federal State Reserve Agency base that, according to urban legends, contains enough supplies to last for years: food, medications and other resources, enough to survive an all-out nuclear war. Using some of the concept art and teaser imagery I made a rough estimate on the size of the map, and have included some reference imagery … Escape From Tarkov . Dead SCAV 10. However, he can also spawn at an area far east shown on the map above. Loot. Escape from Tarkov Guides ... Customs is a beginner-friendly map that is a lot easier to learn than most of the others in Tarkov. The RB-ORB3 key (RB-ORB3) is a Key in Escape from Tarkov. X. „Až ti bude v životě nejhůř, otoč se ke slunci a všechny stíny padnou za tebe.“ (John Lennon) Duffle Bag 28. I hope this guide on the Customs map in Escape from Tarkov helps you get a better understanding of the game. Ammo Box 19. Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and a story-driven walkthrough. ... AA military base, the heart of Tarkov city, private living zone and others in realtime weather conditions and time of day changes. Reserve is one of the newest maps in Escape from Tarkov. The unofficial Subreddit for Escape From Tarkov, a Hardcore FPS being created … Grenade 4. Note: We're working on updating the Customs map for 0.12.7! 373k members in the EscapefromTarkov community. Crate 22. The Reserve Map is a secret Federal State Reserve Agency. The raid boss Reshala frequently spawns at Dorms and Gas Station. North end of the eastern building, 2nd floor. As I learn the other maps, I’ll be sure to do similar write-ups for them too.
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